Sella Commerce Ltd. is the product of more than 25 years of know-how in chair and table manufacturing and trade. As a wholesale chair and table exporter, we have developed longstanding partnerships with companies in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and France among others. 

The chairs and tables we produce can be modified according to the customer’s preferences. We also accommodate the customers’ choice of leather and varnish, as we accept deliveries of the certain varnish and leather from the customer and can also offer our own varnish and leather. Furthermore, we make custom offers based on the exact preferences, always aiming towards producing high quality, durable items at the lowest possible price. 

Our focus is on B2B, and our target group includes wholesalers working with companies in HORECA, as well as with wholesalers working in furnishing schools, kindergartens and universities throughout Europe. 
We have the capacity to deliver 5 000 – 8 000 chairs per month.